Corbett national park

Corbett national park

Jim Corbett National Park

Among all the national parks in India established in 1936, Jim corbett national park is the oldest one and house a variety of flora and fauna but the major attraction is Bengal tigers. In fact, the initial initiative to build this national park was taken for protection of Bengal tiger back in those days, the place was called Hailey National Park, but later in 1956, this was named Jim Corbett national park honoring the contributions and hard work of famous conservationist Jim Corbett who was a member of the founder team which played the role of marking the boundary of this national park for the very first time. Apart from Bengal tiger, one can find leopards and other species.

Jim Corbett national park is sprawled over three districts of Uttarakhand namely Nainital, Pauri and Almora covering an area of 1318.54 sq kms and 797.92 km of core area. Geographical placement says this place is between Terai and Siwalik himalayan range. Though this place defines the true meaning of nature yet for the ease of tourists, many modern lodging places like KunKhet Valley resort have been built over the years which provide decent staying with friends and family.

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