Activities around Corbett

  1. Jungle SafariJungle safari is the most loved activity of the tourists in Corbett. You can ride the jungle on a jeep. There are tour operators who arrange for jungle safari. Your resort can also arrange jungle safari for you. Except of roaring tigers, you can also see other animals in the area which include leopards, elephants, barking deer, jungle cats, sloth bears, sambar deer, mongoose, Himalayan black bears, crocodiles and pythons and chirping of birds like owls, parakeet, crested serpent eagle and red jungle fowl etc. can be seen in the national park.

  2. Nature Walk– Corbett National Park has beautiful natural greenery in its surroundings and you can take a nature walk in buffer zone or the along the Kosi river. Many people in their spare time love to take nature walk and spend some quality time with their beloved ones while walking and chatting. In our daily routine, you don’t get the surrounding of nature as in Corbett. So, make most of your time and enjoy your stay with nature.

  3. Excursion to Corbett Waterfall– The Corbett fall is about 66 ft in height and is a splendid source of water fall sound and full of natural beauty with it. You can camp around (with prior permission) Corbett fall or day picnic in the water fall area. People come here for picnic and camping and spend quality time with their family and friends.

  4. Cycling– You can also enjoy cycling in Corbett as this place is full of natural beauty. So, you can go for a cycling round with your family and friends to feel the beauty around the resorts.

  5. Excursion to Corbett Village– A small village in Chotti Haldwani in Kaladungi was given its land by Sir Jim Corbett himself and he stayed there during his days in India with his beloved sister till 1947 before leaving to Kenya. The place is conserved by the local villagers who have converted his house in to a museum.

  6. Excursion to Garjia Mata Temple– You can enjoy your excursion to garjia mata temple. It is one of the ancient temples in India. Garjia mata temple has an eye catching view of the temple that is located on a giant rock in Kosi River. Thousands of devotees visit to mata temple to fulfill their desires. On karthik poornima, a fair is organized where lots of devotees participate and decorate the mata temple and do their worship.

  7. Dhangari Museum- there is a small but lovely museum at the main entry gate of the park and is 19 km from Ramnagar. It is like an introduction to Jim Corbett National Park. Dhangari museum gives information about the flora and fauna which inhabit the park. It also gives a peek into a an era of the infamous man-eating tigers. One would also find carcasses of animals that died naturally or in a fight, like tiger, tusker, deer, leopard, crocodiles, etc. There is a souvenir gift shop where you can get literature on wildlife, handicrafts, t-shirts and caps reminding you about your adventurous holiday in Jim Corbett.

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