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Jim Corbett National Park

About Park

Jim Corbett national park is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 as Hailey National park to protect the Bengal tiger. It was renamed as Ramganga National park after independence in1950 was again renamed as Jim Corbett national park in 1956 to honor his efforts as conservist and founder member of team which marked the boundreies of park for the first time. It is one of the best national parks to visit to see the Bengal tigers, leopards and other animals. There are many resorts in and around Jim Corbett that you choose for your stay. Corbett national park hotels provide all the basic facilities for your comfortable stay. Kunkhet Valley resort is one of the finest Corbett national park resorts where you can enjoy the raw nature with luxury modern day amenities. The tiger reserve covers three districts of Uttrakhand named Nainital, Pauri and Almora and is extended up to 1318.54 sq kms and 797.92 km of core area. Geographically, it is located between Terai and Shiwalik Himalayan range. The park has more than 550 species of birds and declared as “Important Bird Area” by bird life international. There are six zones of Corbett tiger reserve named jhirna, bijrani, dhela, dhikla and durgadevi.

Safari Zones in Corbett
  1. Jhirna Safari Zone– Great horn bill is found in abundance in the jhirna zone. Jhirna is home place of popular sloth bear and wild elephants in it and with growing tiger population. “Flame of the forest” adds much drama to Jhirna. It has good population of cheetal, nilgai, wild bear and sambhar that make it attractive place for big cats.
  2. Bijrani– Bijrani has three major grasslands and the mixed forests. It has excellent jungle road network and natural beauty around it making your safari more exciting. The bijrani has pure Sal forests in the upper reaches and the mixed deciduous forests in the valley and the plain. There is excellent water availability throughout the year and wide grasslands which make it exceptional habitat for strong prey base.
  3. Dhikala– This zone is largest and most varied and offers you overnight staying facility. Hog deer is the exclusive part of Dhikala. It offers varied terrain in all and its forest rest house remains booked well in advance. It has Ramganga river stretch in the middle of the forest that ends in multiple necked reservoirs.
  4. Durga Devi– The zone is famous for large fish species called “mahasheer” and for bird watching. You can see here fishing eagle, maroon orile, little forktail and many more and the river in the forest attracts leopards, wild elephants and tigers.
  5. Sonanadi– It is famous for wildlife beauty with amazing fauna and flora. More than 550 species of birds are found here along with cheetal, tiger, sambhar and reptiles.
Perfect Stay near Corbett

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